Product Lineup

Electronic Controlled Module Air Dryer

Possible to optimally control the reganeration timing by detect deterioration of desiccant agent. Humidity sensor is installable as a add on.

Timer Purge Type Air Dryer

Possible to flow backward from downstream by the internal mecanical regeneration timer. Purge tankless design made it excellent mountability on a vehicle.

Electronic Controlled Module Air Dryer "without ECU"

This Air Dryer integrating “Solenoid Valve” is controlled by the electrical signal from vehicle ECU.

Air Dryer "without PurgeTank"

The Basic Air Dryer. According to amount of oil emission, setting 3 types of cartridges.

Module Air Dryer “Integrated Purge Tank Type”

MPRV(Multi Protection & Reducing Valve) was moduled with Air Dryer with integrated purge tank. Improvement of purgetank assembly method contribute to high maintainability.

Oil Mist Separator

To remove exhausted oils, installed with lower reach of compressor. In addition, The Oil Mist Separator also reduce inflow air temperature into Air Dryer.

Standard Chamber

The Brake Chamber for Wedge brake system. Convert air pressure into mechanical force . Aluminized base parts contribute to weight reduction of vehicle.

Spring Chamber “Double Diaphragm Type”

The Spring Brake Chamber for Wedge Brake System. With servivce brake function and parking brake function. By diaphragm structure of parking brake part is superior to robustness.

Standard Chamber

The Brake chamber for S-cam brake system.
Convert the air pressure into the mechanical force .

Spring Chamber “Piston Type”

The Spring Brake Chamber for S-cam Brake System. With service brake function and parking brake function. By piston structure with interior air recirculation facility is superior to water resistance.

Air Dryer “for Middle Duty”

The Air Dryer with integrated purge tank for uses of limited air consumption such as medium-duty commercial vehicles. Available for both suction reloaded typed and delivery unloaded typed compressors.

Parking Brake Valve

The Valve for operate parking brake of spring chambers as parking brake lever. 2 ports typed: for trucks and buses, 3ports typed: for tractor heads are available.

Brake Valve

The Valve for control brake system. Convert the pedal force into the air pressure. Silencer which adopted for noise regulation is installable.

Multi Protection Valve

The Valve for holding the compressed air for emergency situation such as pipe fracture. Controllable for maxcimum 4 circuits.

Relay Valve

The Valve for improving responsiveness of air system. Prevent from delay of brake effectiveness and exhaust. Double check valve is installable.

Pressure Reducing Valve

This valve is used to reduce pressure and supply usable pressure into downstream line.

Solenoid Valve

The Solenoid valve is used switch on/off by using electric signal. No need of electrification for holding because it uses permanent magnet.

Relay Emergency Valve

Add emergency brake function to Relay Valve. Emergency brake activate automatically at the time of braking circuit damaged or detaching trailer.

Hose Coupling

Coupling for air pipe connection between tractor head and trailer. HE-1(for tractor head) has integrated check valve. HC-2 is for trailer.

Oil Catcher™ “oil catch Tank”

The Oil Cather has special filter which catches drainage (e.g. water, oil) from exhaust portof Air Dryer and discharge only air. Accumulated drainage can be easily disposed.

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